CT Scanner

At Shertok Smiles, we invest in modern technology because we believe that every patient deserves comfortable, efficient, accurate care. We recently acquired a CT Scanner to assist with the treatment planning process of dental implants. This equipment will help our team see every detail of the implant site prior to surgery and determine whether there is sufficient bone to support the procedure. We use your CT scans to create a “surgical guide” that will direct our specialized instruments and ensure that your implant is placed perfectly.   

Benefits of CT Scanning

  • This technology can be used to visualize the anatomy of your mouth for other surgeries, such as wisdom tooth extractions
  • Details in CT scans help Dr. Shertok determine any risks involved in your upcoming procedure and allows him to plan accordingly
  • Scans can help diagnose failed root canals as well as other bone and soft tissue pathology.
  • Overall, this technology offers a better, more predictable, and less risk-prone result.
  • CT scans have much lower radiation than other imaging techniques (about 140 times less than the average medical CT)

Technology & Patient Experience

Advancements in dental technology, such as CT scanning, have a major effect on overall patient satisfaction. With the detailed, accurate images we are able to view using CT scans, diagnosis and treatment are much more accurate and efficient. We are also able to communicate more effectively with patients when we have visual representations of your oral health.

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